Marketing Services


Medkem arranges Transfer of Technology through our clients who have developed the proven process and technologies of Active Pharma Ingredients (API) / Bulk Drugs and their intermediates with out infringing their patents.

Market Research

The pharmaceutical market been increasingly more affected through laws and regulations but has shown continuous growth as the diagnosis and understanding of diseases and condition has evolved and improved. Medkem Research report’s cover the latest pharmaceutical market and provide in-depth market analysis, forecasts, trends, patent analysis, and profiles of major players within the markets.

Medkem’s market research reports for international customers for assessing the demand for their products in india and includes information regarding the prevailing prices, competition, customers etc.

Medkem respects Patent laws and conventions on pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries in the world. Substances covered by patent  are not offered to the countries where the patent law is in force. However the final responsibility lies with the customer.