Veterinary Products

Medkem is offering Veterinary products in several countries. The company offers a comprehensive range of products and services intended for international and multinational customers.

Medkem operates in all the therapeutic segments like; Anthelmintics, Endectocides, Ectoparasiticides, Antiprotozoal, Anti- Infective etc. We can offer these products as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well as in finished formulation dosage forms as per International Pharmacopeias.

We can offer finished formulations in various forms such as Oral, Intrautrine, External Suspensions, Powders, Injections, Bolus and Tablets etc.

1 Albendazole 19 Niclosamide
2 Benzthiazide 20 Nitrascanate
3 Butaphosphan 21 Nitroxynil
4 Clorsulon 22 Oxfendazole
5 Closantel Sodium 23 Oxibendazole
6 Cymiazole 24 Oxyclozanide
7 Cyromazine 25 Parvaquone
8 Danofloxacin 26 Praziquantel
9 Difloxacin Hcl 27 Quinapyramine Chloride
10 Diminazine Diaceturate 28 Quinapyramine Sulphate
11 Enrofloxacin Hcl 29 Rafoxanide
12 Ethopabate 30 Ricobendazole
13 Febantel 31 Roxarsone
14 Fenbendazole 32 S-Hydroprene
15 Flubendazole 33 S-Methoprene
16 Homidium Bromide / Chloride 34 Sarafloxacin Hcl
17 Isometamidium Chloride 35 Toldimfos Sodium
18 Mebendazole 36 Triclabendazole

Medkem respects Patent laws and conventions on pharmaceuticals as applicable in different countries in the world. Substances covered by patent  are not offered to the countries where the patent law is in force. However the final responsibility lies with the customer.